AROWRN Field Day 2013

August 30, 2013

The second annual gathering of the Alberta Rural Organic Waste to Resources Network was a Field Day held this past August 29th.  This Field Day was sponsored by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, NRC- Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, the Centre for Research & Innovation of Grande Prairie Regional College with additional financial and hosting support from Beaver Municipal Services and Camrose County.

You will find a link at the bottom for the complete Field Day proceedings in a format suitable for e-reading or print version.

Everyone was convinced that the Field Day was a great success (thanks to presenters and hosts); that an event was needed again next year; that AROWRN will continue in its current form (i.e. a network led by the Steering Committee); and that the mailing list is incomplete (please send us correct info and others that you think would want to be notified).

Steering Committee consists of: [new volunteers welcome – contact CRI if interested]

  • Richard Krygier and Martin Blank—CWFC
  • Piere Breau—Beaver Municipal Services
  • Chris Bolton—Benchmark Labs
  • John Kitchen—PRT
  • Evan Davies—University of Alberta
  • Jaconette Mirck—Saskatchewan Agroforestry Development Centre
  • Mark Teshima—SYLVIS
  • Bruce Rutley—GPRC-CRI (providing Admin and Secretariat Services)

Below you will find some pictures highlighting the day’s activities. Click on any picture to see a slideshow with captions. Cheers.

Download the Presentations

Download a PDF of all the documents presenters prepared for the field day