AROWRN Connects 2017 Conference

“The technology has never failed”. So said John Gilliland OBE, AROWRN Connects 2017 keynote speaker about short rotation woody crops technologies – which are well established in the European community. This technology is currently known as the AROWRN Technology in Canada. Its development and commercialization is being led by AROWRN (the Alberta Rural Organic Waste to Resources Network).

Gilliland, a recognized international leader from Ireland provided two keynotes.

The first, introduced the report he and his team made to the EU Parliament – “Development of a Land Management Strategy for N. Ireland Agriculture, Recognizing the Role of Woody Species, at its Core” ( This report contains recommendations on how to make agriculture practices in European communities sustainable based the effectiveness of short rotation woody crops (primarily willow) at removing pollutants from agricultural wastewater.

The second presentation highlighted the truly innovative practices that he has implemented on his farm in N. Ireland.

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